One of the many reasons I love being a Realtor®: Human Connection!!! Over the weekend and yesterday I show my lease and have it open!!

1. A lovely family walks up, they are the neighbors…like very next door neighbors!! The Mom is a beautiful woman – I went to High School with and just saw last year at our reunion!!

2. After I close for the day, a gentleman neighbor across the street comes over and we have most lovely conversation! Naturally he knows my friend from High School. Then he tells me about a house he is fixing up to rent. He mentions the street, I tell him that I know the people in the corner house on that street very well!! He says he knows them very well too as they are his literal next door neighbors!! Mind blown!! Then we talk about his line of work, turns out he’s in the death care industry and knows my Coroner friend!!! 3 connections and now he is a new friend!

3. I show the property to a lovely couple. We talk about how hard it is to be a renter because many landlords are taking advantage by raising rent to ridiculous rates! I describe how I could get more rent but my tenants are so great that I’d rather keep them at what works for them. I describe the house. The woman mentions the street!!?? “Oh you mean, So & So on This street!!!???” YES!!! – Ummm, yes. She cleans their house! She cleans my house!! So wonderfully random!! What are the odds?

We are all connected, this is why we must be good to ourselves and each other!! The universe is either highly magical or I just know everyone….may be a bit of both!!!